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Body percussion is a music  discipline that create many different sounds through the use of the human body (hands, feet, chest, tights, ...) as a percussive instrument: it therefore creates very interesting rhythmic pattern. Anyone can do it: there is no ned to buy expensive equipment, you just need your own body.

It allows to mix music theory to games and fun: it will give you a better awareness of your body, the chance to interact with other perople and to fully live the moment.


The class is for anyone willing to study rhythm and percussion in a creative and interactive way. There are no limits or restriction due to age, knowledge or spoken language. There is no need to be musician or singers.


Since 2016 Domenico has been studying with international teachers, such as:

  • Peter Nielesen Stavrum (STOMP)
  • Keith Middleton (STOMP)
  • Sarah Lasaki (STOMP)
  • Charles Razl (Barbatuques)
  • Tupac Mantilla (TEKEYE, Percuaction)
  • Santi Seratosa (Mayumana)

Domenico runs classes and workshops since 2017